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Modest Swimwear

Our Remsa Mayo company offers a variety of color, pattern, and brand options for modest swimsuit models, presenting them to buyers' liking. In our store, besides full-coverage modest swimsuits, you can also find products from different brands. Quality and durability are emphasized in the products sold under the Remsa Mayo brand, and we only collaborate with the best brands in this field. Long-lasting usage and comfort should be the key aspects of full-coverage swimsuits. For the sake of skin health, it's important to use healthy products, and products that are produced considering these criteria should be preferred. When shopping on our website, we offer cash on delivery convenience. Installments are also available for credit card payments. The products in our store are carefully selected and prepared. Our sale of modest swimsuits tailored for covered women has been ongoing for a long time. With our experience, we bring our products to buyers with a quality sales system.

Remsa Mayo

Remsa Mayo is one of the leading companies in the modest swimwear sector, not only in Turkey but also globally. Our company exports products to more than 50 countries and provides rapid shipping services for its modest swimwear products. Our products are preferred by both national and international major retailers such as Trendyol, Modanisa, N11, and Amazon. Remsa Mayo places great emphasis on ensuring that the products it offers for sale meet specific criteria, and this is a principle that the company strictly adheres to. As we present our products to you, we can outline our primary principles as follows:

  • Ensuring that our products are free from any harmful substances to health,
  • Being crafted from high-quality materials,
  • Constructed from durable components,
  • Preventing water absorption by the product,
  • Maintaining the modesty of certain areas of the body while worn.

The reason for being sensitive about the use of harmful substances to health is due to the use of cheap raw materials during the production process, which can potentially pose risks to human health. It is important to be cautious and avoid subjecting buyers to such negative experiences by ensuring the absence of these harmful materials. Another crucial factor in production is the use of high-quality materials. Even if a product doesn't contain harmful substances, items made from cheap and inadequately durable fabrics can quickly deteriorate, leading to disappointment for users. Additionally, such fabrics can become see-through when exposed to water, which is undesirable. Therefore, prioritizing products made from quality materials that don't lead to such issues is ethically paramount for us. The preference for durable products is driven by the path that Remsa Mayo has chosen in the industry. Accidents or mishaps can occur, especially with modest swimwear, which can lead to unpleasant situations. To prevent such occurrences, the placement of durable products in the store and exclusively offering these products to customers is of great importance to us.

Fast and Secure Shipping Across Turkey

Every product you purchase from Remsa Mayo is dispatched for shipping on the same day. Our partnered courier company ensures the secure delivery of your product to your doorstep. Typically, products shipped within Turkey are delivered within 1-5 business days. For orders placed from Istanbul, delivery usually takes 1-3 business days.

Purchase Modest Swimwear with Cash on Delivery

If you prefer not to use credit card or bank transfer payment options, you can also choose to make your purchase with cash on delivery. This way, you have the chance to make a cash payment to the delivery personnel after receiving your product. You can select the cash on delivery option during the purchasing process. By choosing the cash on delivery option, you can benefit from secure and fast purchasing opportunities. This means you only pay for the product after it's been delivered to you, providing you with a genuine in-store experience. There is an additional fee of 10 TL for the cash on delivery service, but there is no charge for the shipping itself.

Free Shipping Advantage

No matter how few or how many products you purchase, you will benefit from our free shipping advantage! There are no shipping charges for any products you buy from our website. However, if you choose cash on delivery with shipping, an additional fee of 10 TL will be applied. For international shipping, our company does charge a fee. You have the flexibility to choose the best shipping service in your region for your products, as our company has partnerships with four courier companies: Sürat Kargo, Yurtiçi Kargo, PTT Kargo, and MNG Kargo. We can have your products delivered to your doorstep using these courier services.

Shipping Abroad and Worldwide!

If you reside abroad and wish to acquire our products in your country, we can offer you this advantage. Unfortunately, at the moment, our international customers cannot benefit from the free domestic shipping advantage. If you want to obtain our modest swimwear products quickly, you can choose us. We are able to deliver our shipments to Germany within 1-2 business days, to the United Kingdom within 2-3 days, and to the USA within 3-5 business days.

Credit Card Installments and Bank Transfer Payment Options

If you prefer not to choose options like bank transfer (EFT) or cash on delivery, you can opt for payment with your credit card. Our online modest swimwear store also offers the option to pay in installments using your credit card. Installments can be arranged on any card from Turkish banks by our establishment. If you prefer to make a direct bank transfer (EFT), you can obtain the necessary information during the payment steps. For more detailed information, you can consult our WhatsApp hotline.

Thousands of New Models

You can find thousands of new models in our store. These new models are designed and produced by us under the Remsa Mayo brand. Additionally, in our store, you can find designs from leading companies in the modest swimwear sector like Mayovera, Haşema, Adasea, and Armes. The most beautiful and elite designs produced in Turkey are available on our website.

2023 Summer Modest Swimwear Creations

Our company offers the 2023 Summer Modest Swimwear Creations, encompassing the latest popular colors and models of swimwear. Haşema, Emayo, Adesea, Armes, and RemsaMayo are leading brands in the sector and are brands that Remsa Mayo sells. In order to stand behind the products sold and preserve the brand value, we exclusively collaborate with manufacturers committed to producing high-quality items. Full-cover swimsuits are also known as full modest swimsuits. In these swimsuits, no part of the body is visible. Just like other brand groups, Remsa Mayo also offers unique designs within this category. Our website features a range of products that can be explored. Our store has models suitable for every budget, offering plenty of options for different budgets. Among the 2023 summer models, colorful choices stand out. Adding patterns and colors to modest swimsuits has enhanced their aesthetic appeal. In the past, hijabs for modest swimsuits were produced in darker colors and without patterns, but now, by incorporating a few details and colors, movement and vibrancy are introduced. Compared to before, we observe a higher preference for sets with leggings in 2023. The use of different patterns and lines in swimsuits caters to various age groups. Colorful sets are seemingly more favored by young girls. Thus, different patterns have been used with this consideration. Another notable detail in the 2023 summer collection is the bonnets. Bonnets can either come alongside the sets or be integrated into the set. However, separate bonnets are more preferred. The separate bonnets allow for quickly switching to a different bonnet while the removed bonnet dries, making them more advantageous.

The Most Beautiful Haşema and Accessory Designs

With the arrival of the year 2023, we have prepared this year's most beautiful swimsuit designs for you. Remsa Mayo pays close attention to capturing the most attractive trends of the present when designing its collections. Our swimsuits are crafted through rigorous research and development processes and are presented to you for your satisfaction. Every modest swimwear product under the Remsa Mayo brand in our store has been designed by us. Our brand, known for pioneering innovative designs in the modest swimwear sector, has also expanded into wholesale trading across all corners of Turkey in this industry. Through our online store, where you can discover the most exquisite Haşema designs, you can place orders and make purchases using installment payments, bank transfers, cash, or debit/credit cards. You can obtain the exceptional and beautiful designs of the year 2023 from our own online store or the online stores mentioned above.

Pareo Is One of the Most Preferred Accessories

For the past two years, Modest Pareos have perhaps been among the most preferred and purchased accessories in the sector. You can find these products, which you can wear when you come out of the sea, in our category dedicated to this topic. Although our store primarily focuses on designing modest swimwear, we also conduct design and R&D work for pareos. Discover the most beautiful designs of 2023 with us!

The Most Beautiful Bonnet Designs of 2023

In response to the strong demand from our customers in previous years, we have decided to start designing and producing bonnets in 2023. This allows our customers to choose the most suitable bonnet to match their modest swimwear and create stylish combinations, ensuring that they select the most appropriate products for themselves. With the designs presented by Remsa Mayo, you can now purchase the most suitable bonnets for your hijabs from our store online. These modest clothing items, offered to you at affordable prices, will be delivered to your home quickly through fast shipping, taking just a few days.

Modest Beach Accessories

In our online store, you can also find beach accessories that complement the products you purchase. With various color and pattern options, you can obtain items such as beach hats, beach towels, and beach bags from our store. Accessories that can be combined with the modest swimwear or hijab products you purchase are available in our store.

Modest Swimwear Plus Size

Our range of products is extensive, and along with that, we offer a variety of sizes. We provide options for plus-size modest swimwear. Different sizes are available for full-cover swimsuit variations. Our products are not limited to standard sizes only. In our product range consisting of various brands, including Remsa Mayo, we also offer plus-size options. In addition to full-cover designs, we also have stretchy models. There are plenty of options for full-cover modest designs. This includes options with leggings on the bottom and longer pieces on top, as well as sets with separate bonnets and bonnet parts. There are options to suit various preferences, from models designed for ease of swimming to those that dry quickly and provide comfort in the water. In recent years, the focus has shifted from just providing coverage to offering comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional swimwear. Attention is paid to ensuring that the produced items allow for airflow and do not cause excessive sweating. The fabrics currently used in production are much different from the early Haşema fabrics. Breathable fabrics are being produced now, with a particular emphasis on providing comfort for women. Thanks to companies producing modest swimwear, women can now enjoy going to the beach or the pool just the way they want. In recent years, there has been a significant transformation and development in both Haşema and conservative swimwear models. This shift has led to the production of conservative swimwear that caters to every body type and taste. Colorful and breathable Haşema designs are particularly popular for their aesthetic appeal.

Modest Swimwear for Every Size

In our store, you can find products in various size ranges. The sizes of our products may vary for children's and young adults' swimwear. Our sizes start from XXS and go up to 8XL, offering a wide range of options. Additionally, our modest swimwear starts from size 32 and goes up to size 58. To see the other available sizes, while browsing our store, you can explore the filters on the left side and select products according to your size.

Full Cover Modest Swimwear Prices

Similar to regular swimwear prices, modest swimwear prices also vary. There are options available to suit every budget. The swimwear offered by Remsa Mayo comes in various price ranges. Prices vary based on brand and product. Each product is not priced based on the same criteria. The brand and the content of a product are equally important. The material used and its durability are also significant factors. Therefore, products with different price tags are sold. In our store, it's possible to sort different models using various filters. Factors like whether the swimwear contains Lycra, the material used, its breathability, and its comfort while swimming all play a crucial role. These factors are known through customer feedback and return rates, which help establish certain price ranges over time. Consequently, products become established as brands. Long-term popularity of a product is essential for its reliability and is crucial for a company. Remsa Mayo places great importance on collaborating with such trustworthy brands. Our website features promotional periods for the products we sell. By keeping an eye on these promotional periods, you can take advantage of great deals on our products. By frequently visiting our site, you can keep track of which products are on sale. New season modest swimwear models, semi-cover swimsuits, and stretchy models are consistently updated on our site. You can browse through the models you like, choose the appropriate size, and complete your purchase. You can utilize our website to explore closed swimsuit models and learn about their details. To decide on the most suitable model for you, consider your options in our store. You can explore the 2023 summer collection of modest swimwear models on our site and contact us for further information.

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